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Hospital Manager/Veterinary Technician

Wendy is a Maryland native having worked in computer science as a software developer for more than 10 years. While she enjoyed the work, she started to feel like something was missing. After taking some time off to raise her family, Wendy decided to rejoin the workforce and pursue a career as a veterinary professional.

Wendy has had numerous years of experience and education in the veterinary field, working as a senior/lead technician for several veterinary clinics. Her nurturing demeanor, focus, hard work, and dedication all contribute to her defined role as hospital manager for the Marriottsville Animal Hospital team.

Wendy is an integral member of the team. She assists in every aspect of veterinary technician work including advanced surgeries and procedures. She has recently become a participant of the recover initiative in basic and advanced life support program that is certified by the American College of Emergency and Critical Care through Cornell University. Wendy is always willing to provide assistance to staff, clients, and patients and welcomes everyone to their next visit!

When away from the office, Wendy enjoys spending time with her two sons. She loves cooking, dabbling in arts and crafts, and taking professional photographs. She’s taken many photography and graphic design courses over the years, and two of her photos were even chosen for inclusion in an art show!

Wendy loves her two feathered family members an African Grey parrot named Naya and a Senegal parrot, Kiwi. Amongst many fun stories between her feathered friends (whom have learned to operate light switches) you could even say they have further enlightened her interests in the veterinary field.

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Veterinary Technician

Jessica is a Maryland native having grown up in Ellicott City. She has always shared a connection with animals and has cared for a variety of species. Jessica’s younger most memorable and rewarding accounts were her experiences volunteering at local dog rescues. She always took the time to lend a helping hand and knew that she wanted to pursue her education that shared her compassion for animals.

Jessica attended the University of Maryland-College Park. Her hard work and perseverance earned her bachelors degree in the animal sciences with intent to apply to veterinary school. With immense patience and eager to move forward in her life Jessica decided to take time to obtain hands on experience in the veterinary field prior to applying.
Jessica is a welcome member of the Marriottsville Animal Hospital team. As a veterinary technician Jessica helps with all aspects of veterinary procedure and care. In addition she loves interaction with clients and is always willing to go above and beyond to help.

Jessica has well rounded experience and education with many species of animals. She shares special interest in exotic-animal medicine, and loves to learn about new species and advocate for the proper care/welfare of all pets/animals.

In her spare time Jessica enjoys the arts. Jessica is an excellent artist and enjoys drawing/sketching and painting. Just as every pet parent does Jessica loves spending time with her own pets at home. She shares her home with a shy ball python named Sylvie and her whiskered family member Chip, who as all cats seem to do “rules the nest.”

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Veterinary Technician

Kait is a Maryland native having grown up in Baltimore with her family. She currently attends Anne Arundel Community College majoring in sciences/nursing and is in pursuit of her Master’s degree in Physician’s assistant studies.

To support herself Kait worked in management within the food-service industry. Her many responsibilities included overseeing facility operations and coordinating multiple team members in a fast-paced work environment. While her job was rewarding, Kait knew that something was missing and knew she wanted to pursue something that made her truly happy: animal care!

Kait is a welcome addition and integral member of the Marriottsville Animal Hospital team. Kait’s years of experience in a fast-paced work environment, managing and coordinating teams, has allowed her to adapt well in the veterinary field.

Kait loves to work through cases and provide the necessary care to keep our patients and clients well. She wants nothing more than to see our patients and clients leave happy knowing that the highest quality veterinary care was provided. When Kait has a moment between her school and work commitments, she loves turning into an amateur chef allowing her to showcase her Italian families cooking. Kait loves spending time with family, being very close to her younger sister.
Kait is also the proud pet parent of a rescued German Shepherd Lila.

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Veterinary Assistant

Areebah was born in Chippewa, Pennsylvania and moved with her family to Crofton, Maryland at a young age before settling in Ellicott City. She joined the Marriottsville Animal Hospital team in early 2017, and has been loving every minute of her time here at the clinic—Areebah finds that her favorite part of every shift is chatting with clientele and getting to meet their lovable pets.

As Areebah’s father is a veterinarian, she had had the opportunity to grow up, or for all intents and purposes, be raised in a veterinary office. Having shadowed her father over the years she has had the luxury of observing many veterinary procedures, while also meeting various clients and pets. Now that Areebah is a part of the Marriottsville Animal Hospital team, she gets to continue her experiences but as an active participant rather than observe in patient and client care.

Outside of school and work Areebah is an avid reader and writer. She has an old soul and never tires of classic literature. She is proud of the multiple short stories and poetry she has written which were published in school publications!

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Someone once asked Angela where she saw herself in 10 years, and she instantly pictured herself surrounded by animals! She feels an obligation to do everything in her power to benefit the welfare of pets—that’s why she decided to become a part of the veterinary professional team at Marriottsville Animal Hospital.

Angela is a Maryland native, born, and raised in Ellicott City. She is well disciplined in her academic studies attending the prestigious University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate student. Angela is currently pursuing a degree in the bio sciences specifically biological basis of behavior. She plans on using this foundation to help her dream plans of being involved in the veterinary field.

Angela’s interests outside of veterinary medicine revolve around music and the arts. She’s played both the piano and flute for over eight years, and loves attending musicals and dance performances. At home, Angela lives with her beloved pet Bella, an adorable Bichon Frise.

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Born in Oahu, Hawaii, Autumn grew up in Maryland and spent most of her high school years in Stuttgart, Germany. She began working for a veterinary clinic there before moving back to the United States.

Autumn has always loved the sciences and adored pets, having many years of experience working with a variety of animals. Autumn currently attends the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg Virginia. She is pursuing a degree in the biological sciences, minoring in chemistry and neuroscience.

Autumn wants to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and plans on going to veterinary school post her bachelors degree. She is a welcome addition to the Marriottsville Animal Hospital team providing assistance during client interaction and patient care. Autumn would say that it is meeting with the area’s pet owners and their beloved companion pets daily that truly enforce her passion to be a part of veterinary medicine.

Autumn enjoys working with creatures both big and small but shows interest in exotic animals and persistently loves learning about new species on a regular basis.

Autumn is outgoing and adventurous. In her spare-time she performs gymnastics, archery, horseback riding, and to settle down loves reading a good old fashioned, paper book. Autumn loves traveling, having experienced various cultures and landmarks during her time overseas. She has enjoys all her experiences while continuing to pursue her dream.

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